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Making my blog into a book?

Even though my previous blog post was short, a fair share of work went into the few sentences I published. When I wrote my first post it became clear to me that I have many underlying issues in every aspect and area of my life, and I decided my next post should be about my interest and personal motive in trading (stocks). I want to explore all issues, and it felt natural to start with stocks since it’s my newest endeavour.

My other areas in life is me as a photographer, video maker, music and sound creator, me as an artist, a creative person in general, and writer I guess, and as mentioned; a trader. It’s way to much, I know. Other areas of significant includes me as a father, me as an ex and co-parent, and also the future and new me. I have experienced a mental awakening that changed my life completely, but more on that another day. Me as a trader is the least complicated part in my life, or so I thought, and it still resulted in huge fuckery when I tried to write about it. I fear what I might find when I dig deeper in the other areas. Yet, my interest in human mental health and my curiosity seduces me onto these expeditions.

Today I continued to explore, through blog post writing, what got me into trading. That post turned into 700 words about my previous relationship before I copied what I had, pasted into a document (the same document as all the elaborations from my previous post is), and started writing this post instead. Through writing about this I suddenly felt I had discovered the way towards realising one of my bigger projects. A book. 

Everyone has a life story, and if communicated properly I feel my story can be of help, comfort, inspiration, and more. More than 700 words about a previous love life before the word trading was even mentioned, in a brief blog post about trading, did not feel like the correct way to communicate what I wanted to. This got me thinking.. “Is my blog a personal archive? A place I can store, and share, stories, reflections, ideas, etc, while I slowly work towards my book?” The idea of writing a book is far from new, but the process towards one has been unclear. Thus the birth of this post. A reminder to myself that I maybe have found the way to work towards my book.

This became clear to me as I was writing about what lead me to trading. A blog post should be short, and precise. A book gives room for more story. I guess you can say a story leading up to a story is expected from a book, but it might be redundant in a blog. If this had been a blog about trading, the story about how I got into trading is welcomed post. But without a clear definition as to what this blog is, writing about what got me into trading became messy. However, now I feel the purpose of my blog is defined, something it wasn’t before I started writing this post.


What to do… with my ideas…? Part 1

There’s so many things I want to do, and I end up doing nothing. The logical answer is that my focus is strained with an overload of ideas, and by idea I mean everything from here and now, to how I imagine the rest of my life. My ideas are indeed many and vast, making the statement of being strained impossible to argue, but it is hard to accept. My answer, though, is that my focus, drive, capacity, everything, is indeed strained with an overload of ideas, but I have no force to exercise them. They get stuck, and mentally drain me. I need to categorize them, sort them, filter them, explore and/or kill some of them, before my brain melts.