Visual push ups

A push up now and then is not nearly enough if your goal is to enter a strong man contest. The occasional run doesn’t make you a marathon runner. Buying a guitar is not enough to become a guitarist, either. Jay Maisel said you have to do your visual push ups everyday if you want to improve on your photography. Bring your camera and be ready to shoot if you see something that interests you. Some days you might not take a single picture, but you did the effort to bring your camera, therefore you are looking, consciously or unconsciously, for something to photograph. Today I did my first visual push up in a long time. I brought my D800, mounted with a 28-300mm lens, when I walked the dogs. And among many exposures I found these two shots that I liked.

I love the first one. The light was difficult. I was at 300mm, so I had no faith in that the end result would be any good. And my dogs tried to pull me over on the ice we were walking on. But it worked out! I love it. The second one is ok, and that’s fine! A ok shot is more than fine. I did 84 exposures. I bracketed, though. Three shots for every composition so that the exposure would be good. Just as I learned from watching videos with Jay Maisel, the legend. So 84 divided in 3, that’s 28 compositions. A few duplicates, but still, one photo out of 28 that I really like, and one ok photo. Two out of 28, that’s decent.

I have also started to go through my hard disks to look for old photos. I’m gonna include the ones I’ve found so far.

I like how the man is looking at the woman in this  one

Here I photographed the same subject in three different ways


I tried to be clever and make this one better in black and white. The truth is, I’m soft for women.. As proven in the second shot. The second one, with the four girls, was shot when I stood stationary for half an hour in a busy street. I saw these girls approaching me. They took up the entire sidewalk, walking side by side, all four of them. They were almost marching. I fired a few shots, but I didn’t like the result. I went back to them occasionally ,in between photographing other things, to try to get something different, but I still wasn’t happy. I ended up with this photo as they were waiting for the green light. I like it, but I don’t know if it’s because I like women, or if it’s because it’s a cool shot.

Birds and reflections, and buildings, were a welcomed subject for me. I didn’t need to engage them, or ask them for permission. They were just there.